Housewarming Party? How You Can Use Pizza To Feed Your Guests In A Stress Free Way

Moving can be a very hectic time that is filled with packing, relocating and unpacking so that your new place can start to feel like home.  Although you certainly want to show off your abode to friends and family, the last thing you need is the additional mayhem that can accompany a stuffy housewarming party.  Instead of fussing over what to serve your guests, consider using pizza as your go-to food choice for the entire event.  While many people know how delicious pizza is when served as an entrée, some may be unaware of the fact that pizza is just as good when used as an appetizer or for dessert.  Use the following information to learn more about how pizza—such as that offered by Barros Pizza—can be the perfect food selection for your next housewarming party.

Appetizer:  Pizza Kabobs

When your guests are first arriving at your party, it’s customary to have finger foods available for them to dine on as they socialize with other partygoers.  You want your appetizer selection to be easy to eat and highly portable so guests are encouraged to move about the party space and mingle amongst themselves.

Pizza kabobs make a great appetizer for housewarming parties because they are easy to make and appeal to people with many different tastes.  To make the kabobs, use the following recipe:

  • Purchase pre-made dough from your local supermarket and slice it thinly.
  • Roll the dough slices into balls and bake them according to package specifications until they are golden brown.
  • Place the balls in a large bowl at the food station.
  • Purchase cheese blocks from the grocery store and cut them into squares.
  • Get the kabobs started by placing a single dough ball and cheese square onto each wooden skewer, and loading the skewers onto a platter at the food station.
  • Place bowls with toppings all around the cheese skewers:  Pre-cooked pepperoni, ham squares, onion blocks, and even pineapples are a few examples of toppings that you can use.

Guests will have a ball constructing their kabobs out of the various toppings.  Be sure to have sauces such as marinara and melted cheese handy for dipping.

Dessert Pizza Will Be A Big Hit

Once the appetizer and entrée rounds are through, you can finish off your housewarming party with fabulous dessert pizzas.  Dessert pizzas incorporate the same dough that is used for traditional pizza, but switch it up with the toppings.  Instead of marinara sauce, consider using strawberry or raspberry preserves.  Melted mascarpone cheese makes the perfect faux mozzarella, and you can let your imagination run wild with the various fruits that you can top your dessert pizzas with to delight your guests.

Using pizza as your star dish takes the fuss out of your housewarming so you can simply enjoy the time spent with those you care about.  For your next housewarming party, let pizza be the appetizer, entrée and dessert for a stress free event.

Author: Anne Mackay

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