3 Ideas For Adding Chia Seeds To Your Foods And Drinks

Over time, chia seeds have become one of a number in the growing list of “superfoods” out there. More people are discovering the health benefits of chia seeds. More people are finding ways to consume them. Unfortunately, many people don’t know of the many ways they can use chia seeds in their foods and drinks. Here are some ideas you can use to make meals and drinks using chia seeds.

1. Chia as a Seasoning or Topping

You can sprinkle the seeds themselves onto just about anything. While the taste of chia is noticeable on its own, it disappears into the tastes of other foods. So you can get all of the benefit of chia seeds from your normal foods. Anything from breakfast to dinner can become supercharged with the nutrients inherent in the chia seeds.

Milled or powdered chia works just as well, especially if you want to add chia seed to your normal seasoning. This goes for your dry seasoning as well as liquid seasoning like seasoning sauces.

2. Chia as a Thickener

Chia seeds are great as a thickening agent. The seeds can absorb moisture and swell to ten times their size. This works great as a substitute for flour, or cornstarch.

In fact, this effect is so profound that if you just add milk to chia seeds, you can create pudding. There’s a lot of versatility there. You can use it to thicken soups or gravy, and also use the same process to create a healthy snack or desert.

3. Chia as a Drink

One of the most versatile ways to use chia seeds is in the creation of chia drinks. There are tons of chia drinks for sale, and they’re fantastic, but you can also make your own chia juice concoctions.

Understanding that chia seeds absorb liquids and swell up is the key. With that property, you can make any number of drinks, from smoothies to juice. For example, if you stir some into water, and let it sit in the fridge overnight, you’ll have a thick base to create drinks with. You can mix that base with juice, or add it to a blender with other ingredients.

There’s a lot you can do here. Just search around for some ideas and experiment. Or you can just buy chia drinks for sale. These suggestions don’t touch on half of what you can do with chia seeds. No matter if you consider them superfood or not, you can definitely give just about anything you eat or drink a super boost by using them.

Author: Anne Mackay

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