3 Vegan Bread Choices To Add To Your Restaurant’s Dinner Menu

With so many healthy benefits that come along with choosing to eat a vegan diet, more people are making the change in their own ways of eating. As a restaurant owner, this means that you should offer vegan choices from breakfast all the way down to dessert and you likely already do. Even vegan diners like a little bread with their dinner dishes, so this is one food choice you must have on your menu when they arrive hungry for dinner. Here are three incredible vegan bread choices you should make a main staple in your restaurant.

Buttery Butter-Free Rolls

Vegans may choose to eliminate butter from their diet because it is an animal byproduct, but that does not mean that they do not enjoy a good savory butter-flavored dinner roll with their meal. If you want to give them a mouth-watering bread choice, add gluten-free rolls topped with butter-flavored olive oil, a hit among those avoiding butter. These rolls are best served hot, brushed with the olive oil right out of the oven and the vegan diners may be so thrilled with the taste that they question the authenticity of these rolls’ purity.

Yeast Dinner Breads

It is a common misconception that vegan diets cannot contain yeast. However, yeast is not animal related and is actually classified as a fungi, which makes it more akin to mushrooms and veggies. Further, yeast is naturally present in everything from fruits to your own skin. Yeast dinner breads are a perfect addition to your restaurant menu and can be paired with a range of oils, from extra virgin olive oil to spicy flavored sunflower dipping oil. Just be sure to leave out wheat, gluten, and sugar to keep the bread simple, vegan, and flavorful.

Garlic and Cheese Alternative Biscuits

Although commonly paired with seafood, garlic and cheese biscuits are a great menu item that will go well with everything from fresh sauteed veggies to hot soup. However, to make this famous bread vegan friendly, you will have to cut out the real cheddar and use a soy alternative. Yet with the addition of traditional Italian spices and loads of fresh garlic, you have a robust and filling alternative for vegan patrons.

Restaurants feed the public and they therefore have to cater to different diets. When there are so many people turning to a healthier lifestyle, it is only logical to make a few adjustments to your dinner menu. Add these three bread choices for vegans and you will be well on your way to being a preferred vegan eatery.

Author: Anne Mackay

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