4 Gift Ideas for a Wine Enthusiast

If you have a friend or loved one that enjoys wine and has a birthday coming up, there are a wide range of gifts you can give them. Aside from simply giving them their favorite bottle of wine, why not get creative with their gift? Here are four ideas for gifts for someone who loves drinking wine.

Wine Club

People who enjoy drinking wine are always looking to try new varieties. You can help them do that by signing them up for a wine club membership. There are different memberships available offering a few different types of wines each month. You can pay for a 6 or 12-month membership and have the wine delivered right to their door. There are also specific wine clubs, such as those just for international varieties, or by choosing either red or white wine.

Gift Basket

You can also put together a gift basket for your friend or family member by including their favorite type of wine, along with related gifts. For example, you can include a bottle of white wine with a box of crackers, different types of cheeses, and a little crackers and cheese plate. You may also want to include various wine accessories, such as a bottle opener or cork stopper. If you want to create a larger gift basket, you can also include a couple of wine glasses.

Custom Wine Gifts

If you want to splurge and customize the wine gift, there are a few different routes you can take. First of all, you can have the wine accessories customized, such as having a wine bottle opener engraved with the person’s name on it. You can also get wine glasses that are etched with a name, birth date, or special message for your loved one. If you want to give them a bottle of wine, consider having the label custom-made with something fun for their birthday or another special occasion.

Wine Refrigerator

When you want to splurge a little more, you might want to consider buying them a wine refrigerator. These come in a lot of different sizes, from smaller refrigerators that hold a handful of wine bottles to larger ones holding a dozen or so. You can choose it based on the person’s home and where you think they will place it. If you know your sister has a home bar and room for a medium-sized wine refrigerator, that can be a great gift for her. For other wine accessory options, talk to a professional.

Author: Anne Mackay

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