Selecting An Office Coffee Service To Keep Your Employees Caffeinated

If you run a large office, you most likely have been in a situation where someone had drunk all the available coffee on the premises, leading to a day of aggravation, since caffeine was no longer in supply. To avoid this situation from becoming a repeat occurrence, having coffee, tea, paper products, and other coffee supplies delivered regularly to your business can be a solution. Here are a few ways to track down the best office coffee service in your area, so you no longer have to work with the fear of running out of your liquid fuel in the future.

Check Out A Catalog

Call several office coffee services and ask them to mail you brochures or catalogs showing you what types of products they provide. Many coffee services will have the top brands on hand as well as seasonal favorites. Tea is also provided for those who aren’t fans of coffee. Since each employee will have individual preferences, have them help you look through the material to choose products everyone is agrees on. If the supplies are limited, move on to a new catalog until everyone finds something they enjoy in one place.

Hold A Sampling Session

When employees narrow down their coffee and tea choices, contact a few contending coffee services to send you free samples of their products. If they cannot commit to allowing you to taste the coffee and tea they provide, they are not the service you will want to select. A good company will send along several flavors for testing.

Set up a station in the office with the samples and make a pot of coffee and brew a pot of tea for the employees to test. Pick a new coffee flavor or brand each day for several days, and have employees evaluate each one. Secret ballots can be placed near the machine so an employee can write a quick review as they drink the sample. These can be collected and read through to help determine which brand people enjoy most.

Consider Ease Of Use

Ask contending delivery services, like Five Star Water, how easy it would be to change your order if you have an upcoming business meeting or event where additional coffee would be needed. If the service can accommodate for change or if they can deliver coffee at a moment’s notice, they are a great choice for using for your office. Some services have strict rules in place regarding the ordering of supplies, so be sure to read fine print regarding the ordering process. 

It is a good idea to take the frequency of delivery into consideration as well. If a service can only deliver once a month or every few weeks, it may be hard to pinpoint exactly how much product is needed until after several months have passed so you know the trends. See if the service can make emergency deliveries during the first few months as you get used to the patterns in consumption within your company.

Author: Anne Mackay

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