3 Tasty Snacks You Can Make With Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a large part of the health food craze for a reason. They’re healthy, they have literally no taste, and they are chock full of antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, and other healthy fats that help your body thrive. If you are unsure about chia seeds and how you can incorporate them into your diet, consider these 3 tasty snacks you can infuse with this miracle seed totally change your mind about their benefits. You can also learn where you can buy these healthy seeds so you always have them in ready supply.


Since chia seeds are known for their lack of flavor, they blend perfect into your favorite smoothie. Simply toss in a handful of seeds in with your traditional berry smoothie to give you the energy boost you need. Since chia seeds tend to gel when they are wet, they are ideal in a smoothie for helping you keep fuller, longer as well. Try these tasty smoothie combinations that you can toss chia seeds into:

  • mango, banana, and kiwi
  • spinach, strawberry, and banana
  • blueberry, pomegranate, and rhubarb


Whole grain muffins with crunchy chia seeds tossed in are filling and delightful. Make your muffins ultra-healthy by using oats, whole wheat, and fresh blueberries. You can use tapioca flour instead of traditional flour for a gluten-free option as well to make your muffins naturally sweet and ultra dense. You can mix a handful of chia seeds right into the muffin batter or sprinkle chia seeds on top when they done baking for a healthy crunch you will love.


Candy can be healthy if you use the right ingredients. Honey, sesame seeds, and chia seeds mixed with just a little bit of sugar can make a great crunchy snack that has a tasty nutty crunch that is full of naturally-sweet flavor. Simply combine a cup of honey, third cup sugar, and a cup and a third sesame seeds, and a half cup chia seeds in a pan suitable for making candy. Heat the mixture on low until you have reached 320 degrees Fahrenheit, and pour the mixture onto parchment paper. Allow to cool slightly, then cut the candy into strips for tasty munching whenever you wish!

Where to buy chia seeds

You can buy chia seeds online or at your local health food store. When buying chia seeds online, make sure the description lists the seeds as fresh and mature. Seeds should be listed as a black or dark gray color. Brown or lighter-colored chia seeds are considered immature, and may not have the same nutritional value as their darker companions. The darker the chia seed, the healthier it will be for you to enjoy.

Chia seeds are great for adding to a variety of different snacks. You can try making candy, muffins, or smoothies with chia seeds to get the nutrition you desire.

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Author: Anne Mackay

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